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Bichon Frisé Dog BreedBichon Frisé is a non-sporting group small dog. They are popular for being hypoallergenic and rarely shedding. The name Bichon Frisé aptly means "fluffy white dog" in French.

History of the Bichon Frisé Breed

All variations of this breed originated in the Mediterranean region where the French royalty would pamper and accessorize them. The Bichon is directly descended from the water spaniel or barbet. Bichons were also popular in Spanish paintings and became a favorite of the Italian superiority.

Dog Breed Characteristics

This charismatic and playful breed has hair that continually grows, but does not shed. Therefore grooming is a must for this dog breed. People with allergies tend to do well with the Bichon as long as they can provide a normal amount of exercise. The Bichon typically lives anywhere between 12-18 years and ranges in weight from 11-22 pounds.

This dog breed is typically intelligent and easy to train. They are well-behaved with children and other animals, but would prefer to be with people. They often have a burst of energy where the Bichon will run around in a wild manner, and this is referred to as a "Bichon Blitz."

Common Health Problems for Bichons

Health issues associated with the Bichon include early tooth loss and periodontal disease if not routinely seen for dental cleanings. Although the breed is hypoallergenic, they do suffer from allergies themselves. This can include skin and flea allergies.

The Bichon can also develop health concerns such as:

  • bladder infections
  • ear infections
  • eye diseases
  • patellar luxation

Other than these problems, the Bichon Frisé is a typically healthy dog.

As with any dog breed, genetic testing can be done to ensure a healthy litter. Overall, the Bichon is a rewarding, loveable dog that can be a great addition to any type of family.