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Throughout the month of February, save up to $200 on your pet's dental cleaning!

Dental HealthCelebrate Pet Dental Month with us this November. Although we encourage routine dental care year round for all pets, we are offering a special discount to promote oral health throughout the month of November.

Our veterinarians will offer a discount for your dog or cat's dental cleaning (prophylaxis) based on each animal's individual needs. * 

* Discount does not include extractions 

Simple Dental Prophylaxis

For younger pets, this dental discount will include the following:

  • Hospitalization
  • Preanesthetic Bloodwork — Checks complete blood count as well as kidney and liver function, because these are the organs that will be eliminating the anesthetics we use.
  • IV Catheterization and IV Fluids — Provides an intravenous port to administer injectable anesthesia as well as IV fluids to keep blood pressure up while the patient is under an anesthetic.
  • General Anesthesia and Monitoring
  • Dental Scaling and Polishing —This process allows us to scale the tartar off the teeth and then smooth out the surface of the tooth with polishing .
  • Pain Medication 
  • Antibiotics 

Co-founded by our very own Dr. Jody Sandler, BluePath Service Dogs provides children touched by autism with service dogs 'offering safety, companionship, and opportunities for independence.' The service dogs can be used as support tools for parents in the same way they can be used to see increased developmental success – and happiness – in children with autism.

ultrasound now availableMiddletown Veterinary Hospital now offers ultrasonography to better diagnose and treat sick or injured pets.

An ultrasound uses sound waves, rather than radiation, to penetrate internal organs. And small, fine details that cannot be seen on x-rays can be easily seen on ultrasound. It will allow our veterinarians to detect bladder and kidney stones, obstructions, cysts, pregnancy, tumors and much more.

We are excited for this new addition and how it will improve our services for our clients!