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  Mixed-breed Dog
  This adorable mixed-breed dog is part Terrier. We now have the ability to discover the exact breeds that make up your mutt, which can help us deterimine if he's predisposed to any genetic diseases.

Have you ever wondered what breeds your mixed-breed dog is, or if he may be genetically predisposed to certain illnesses? We now have a way of testing your dog that can answer these questions.

With a simple blood test we can:

  • Identify canine breed mix and specific needs for a more precise nutritional consideration.
  • Know a more accurate adult weight range for overall health maintenance.
  • Understand genetic markers that could signal a predisposition to certain health conditions.

Plus, it would be great just to know your dog's history and what helps make him who he is today!

The canine genetic health test kits are now available. The turn around time for test results is about 2 weeks.

  Dog Rocco
  Rat Terrier Breed

Rocco's Genetic Health Test Results

Part 1: Which dog breeds make up Rocco?

One side of Rocco's family tree is all Chihuahua. The other side was a little harder to pin down. Although Rocco had mixed breeds throughout the second family line, it was determined that Rocco is most likely a Chihuahua and Rat Terrier mix.

Part 2: Genetic Health Concerns

Rocco was tested for 13 different diseases and was negative for all but one: Primary Lens Luxation. This is a disease that affects the lens in a dog's eye. This was an important discovery for Rocco's owner as he has started showing early signs of Glaucoma (he's on the high normal side for his eye pressures) and this disease can occur along with Glaucoma, but is also common in terrier breeds by itself.

Rocco's owner found the results of the canine genetic health testing to be highly informative. Had the testing been available 3 years ago when she adopted him, Rocco's owner would have been more proactive about keeping tabs on his eyes and monitoring the pressures, since it's not something that's tested regularly until pets start to get a little older.

Dog Rocco's Geneaology Findings